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Help, I'm locked out! What should I do?

A common situation that we all are bound to find ourselves in at one point or another is forgetting or losing our keys somewhere, and being locked out of our own house. It is typically a very frustrating and stressful experience, not only because you might have had some plans and are time-scarce, but also because you might be uncertain what to do. Well, as Bondi locksmiths, we have helped people that have found themselves in this situation literally thousands of times, so rest assured we have some useful tips!

Well, first thing is to try to remember where you misplaced your keys. Did you forget them inside your place? Or, did you lose them somewhere? Make sure you check your bags as well, as it is often easy to forget that you placed them somewhere that you don't usually do while in a rush.

Second, if you are unable to get the keys back and have come to the conclusion that they are inside your house or have been completely lost, ask yourself questions about whether there are any other keys out there. Have you provided anyone with any spare keys (e.g. a close family member or friend). Or perhaps a flat mate that lives with you has another set of keys? Perhaps also you have left a spare at work?

Third, look around your house and see if there are any external security shortcomings. If you are lucky, you might have left a window open and might be able to get in that way. If your lock is weak and does not have a deadlatch, it is sometimes possible to open your lock using a thin plastic sheet (like a credit card).

Finally, if all else fails, call a local locksmith (we provide 24 hour service to the Bondi area if you have visited us from that area). An experienced locksmith can open your lock, typically without resorting to any form of destructive entry. Believe us, it is much cheaper than trying to damage the door or breaking in. When the locksmith lets you in, take measures to avoid getting locked out again (e.g., cut a spare key at a key cutting store and leave it with someone you trust).

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