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The benefits of using security keys

A common question that we are asked when installing or changing locks is the difference between a standard key and a more-expensive security key. The short answer is that security keys are registered with a specific locksmith, and so key cutting shops and other locksmiths are not legally authorised (and typically unable to in any case) to cut them. If that is the case, what benefits do they offer to residential or commercial property owners? The benefits can be summarised in two distinct points.

First, as a matter of physical security, security keys offer a greater degree of pick and bump resistance (and often can only be opened using destructive, drill-based entry), and they have are more sturdy and attractive design than standard keys (and are therefore less likely to break). This is important since thieves sometimes get their hands illegally on pick guns or ad hoc lock opening tools, and so having security keys serves as an impediment to potential robbers.

Second, they offer greater key control to whoever is the signatory to the keys (usually the owner). The locksmith that manages the security key system will only cut an additional key with express permission from the signatory(s), and hence property owners can track all keys that are available. This saves costs in the long-term as keys do not have to be changed everytime a worker leaves the business: as long as the worker returns their allocated security keys, you can be sure that that worker did not get an additional copy from a key cutter.

Overall, we would always strongly recommend security keys for commercial properties, and sometimes also for residential properties depending on the situation. Give us a ring if you are in the Bondi or greater Eastern Suburbs area and want further information or an obligation-free quote on installing a security key system. We can usually install them while preserving your existing locks, and so the total price is usually affordable and definitely beneficial in the long-run.

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