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Security issues to consider when moving into a new property

One of the situations for which our mobile locksmiths regularly provide security advice is when clients move into new properties in the Bondi & wider Eastern Suburbs area, regardless of whether it is for commercial or residential purposes. In this article, we have outlined several important issues that you must always address in order to maintain the security of yourself and your family/clients.

First, and foremost, never trust the past owners or tenants: always change the key to your new property. One of the most common break-ins is when a past tenant has previously cut themselves an extra key at a local shoe repair store, and then used that key to get into the unit/house and possibly steal expensive items. As long as the locks are properly functioning, there is no need to change all your locks; rather, locksmiths are able to provide a much cheaper re-keying service, in which we modify the internal pins in each lock to make it work on a new key (this is usually more affordable than buying the locks from Bunnings yourself and attempting to install them). Typically, we can also make ALL your locks function on a single 'master' key without any additional surchage on top of the re-keying service, and the old key will not work anymore.

Second, you should always check the physical integrity of all your doors, windows and locks. For most properties, past owners are lax in one area or another, so it is not surprising to find security threats including faulty locks, low-security locks that can be opened easily, poorly-installed locks, a lack of any strong window locks, and deadlatches not operating. You must have a close eye to conduct a full security check. As lock experts, our locksmiths are able to provide a free full-security check if you book us in for our re-keying service. If you need any extra keys, we are usually also able to provide key cutting on-the-spot with our fully stocked mobile vans.

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