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Changing to Keyless Digital Locks in Bondi

Over the past decade, there has been a sharp rise in both demand and supply of digital locks, with the convenience and technology improving dramatically. These days, both homes and offices have the ability to purchase and install cost-affordable options that do not require extensive electrical wiring as is customary with access control systems. These options, which usually have a key override just in case, include locks that can be operated via access code, fingerprint (biometric), access card, remote, and off-site using a mobile app. Here at 24/7 Locksmith Bondi, we have made sure to keep up with these trends, which will be explained in this blog post. Feel free to contact us either via SMS or our contact form if you would like assistance with going keyless!

Trend #1: the first trend has been the continued popularity of mechanical digital locks, particularly the Lockwood DX Digital Lock (see photo below). These locks are reliable in heavy-use applications and can be retrofitted to most locks. However, they have several important limitations, including the inability to store multiple codes, and a high level of difficulty with changing a code (usually a locksmith may be required).

Digital Locks in Bondi

Trend #2: the second trend has been the emergence of fingerprint (or biometric) locks. Many people are fascinated by these kinds of locks and there is definitely a feeling of high security about them. Mechanically, their security level is usually comparable to mechanical locks. The key difference, however, is that you have greater control as users cannot simply misplace their fingerprint or give their friends a "code"! Overall, these locks are starting to become more popular and several cost-affordable options have begun to hit the market, including Samsung models.


Trend #3: the third trend has been the invention of the attractive and retrofittable "smart lock". These locks, which are generally quite easy to install, tend to be deadbolts that can be operated using a Smartphone App. Popular models include the Kwikset KEVO, August (from USA), and Goji (from USA).


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