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Wireless Ring Doorbell

A common issue we all face is how to answer our house door when we are not around. Well now, thanks to Ring Video Doorbell, residents in Bondi have access to a smart digital doorbell product that is not only convenient and easy-to-install, but also allows for 24 hour monitoring and security from a sleek and elegant design. By easily connecting it to your home Wi-Fi system, the Ring Doorbell has sensors that automatically notify you via a smartphone app when someone is at your door. With a 720p HD camera, you can then view and communicate with the person at your door.

It easily installs in minutes without the need for any professional help or additional tools (all included in pack). It also conveniently comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, although you also have the alternative to connect it to an existing doorbell wired system. Perhaps the smartest part of Ring is the motion sensors, which provide you with motion-triggered alerts when you have arriving guests, deliveries or potential thief's near your door.

Cost for the standard unit is only $299 including GST (introductory offer). Available by free postage. Call and speak with one of our Bondi locksmiths on 0410 061 851.

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